Manuscript Publication:

IRG International Journals is a self supporting organization and does not receive funding from any institution/government. Hence, the operation of the journal is solely financed by the processing fees received from authors. Being an Open Access Journal, IRG International Journals does not receive payment for subscription as the journals are freely accessible over the internet. It costs money to produce a peer-reviewed, edited, and formatted article that is ready for online publication, and to host it on a server that is freely accessible without barriers around the clock. .

   Manuscript Handling Charges : 1280 INR / 61$ USD

Manuscript Handling Charges:

Above fees includes all review, publication, indexing and certificates. There are no any other hidden extra charges.

How to deposite fees :

1. You can deposit fees by choosing anyone of following options:
1. Depositing fees directly by near bank branch to the account given in acceptance letter
2. By your InterNet banking a/c to the account given in acceptance letter.

2. Authors can pay the amount through Western Union Money transfer/ Money Gram/ Express Money,etc.

3. Online Registration Payment - Authors from foregin countries can pay by their Master card/ debit card/credit card/visa card here.

How to deposite fees :

Publication Charges